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Camera King Technology Co., Ltd, founded in July 2010, is a high-tech enterprise integrating r&d, production and sales is a high-tech enterprise integrating.

The current field of focus in Camera King:
1.Intelligent driving and Internet of vehicles.
At present, the four main types of products: Hd driving monitoring (Wi-Fi or 4G), Reversing or panoramic monitoring, DMS (in-car monitoring), ADAS (advanced driving assistance)On behalf of clients: Didi, Ali, Tencent, 360, MobileTwo kinds: to B and to C.There is no profit in market C, taking orders is to cultivate their own supply chain; The company focuses on developing overseas markets; At the same time, follow the Internet trend to enter the industry market (there is profit, there is threshold, the function is continuously updated).
The current market share is about 8-10% in Camera King, the goal is 20-25%. In 2019, we will focus on breaking through the ETC supporting driving products and 4G driving products.

2. Smart home, rapid development in the market
Home monitoring and low power doorbell are the mainstream. Smart TV monitoring is the latest opportunity. One of these, the home monitoring is the most common, so the price competition is fierce. 
In addition to Haikang, Xiaomi, Huawei, 360 and other operators, there is also a broad market. Many domestic and foreign brands regard these products as basic entry points and basic types of algorithms, content, and platforms for rehearsal. Products of continuous  and the overseas market are our opportunity. Camera King currently accounts for about 8-10% of the market and its target is to increase to 15-20%. Low-power doorbell has the fastest growth and certain technical threshold, and is the key product for expanding customers in the next three years. At present, Camera King accounts for about 5-10% of the market (ring alone accounts for more than 40%).

3. Sweeping robot
Camera King not only provides solutions and complete machine services, but also provides comprehensive solutions and core devices (including tested technologies and products) such as laser radar and algorithms, V-SLAM vision modules and algorithms. On the one hand, Camera King provides one-stop solution services for partners such as innovative IC and algorithms, domestic and overseas brands, and cross-border e-commerce. On the other hand, Camera King provides devices for superior brands such as Xiaomi and Secco wo. There is still a broad space for the growth of service robots. At present, the market share of Camera King is about 3-4%, the market share of image modules is about 25-30%, and the market share of radar is about 5-8%. The goal is to double the market share each.

4. Intelligent Payment (Living Face Recognition with 3D Structured Light)
The field of health and intelligent medical care is the core direction in the next few years. Now it has just emerged. With the help of the partnership of first-mover and Internet giants, it can quickly realize the understanding of the industry, deepen and break through. The goal is to become the leading force and new giant in the emerging industry.

The company has first-class production equipment and advanced enterprise management. The factory is equipped with central air conditioner and dust-free workshop, and the working environment is comfortable. The company will welcome you to join us and we have brand-new management concept, excellent technical team and advanced enterprise culture.


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