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The visit about the PRD branch of TEEC to CameraKing

The activity about the 2017 monthly business exchange visit among the Pearl River Deltahereinafter referred to as “PRD”branch of Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Clubhereinafter referred to as “TEEC”has been started again. With the advice of Chairman Meng Hu, the new presidium plans to visit the new entrepreneur members’ enterprises to start the activity.

If we compare the "Yangtze River" to the historical achievements of TEEC, then the "Yellow River" the new achievements brought by young members. On June 19, 2017, with the organization of the PRD branch of TEEC, more than 20 members from TEEC, Young TEEC and students from Tsinghua University visit the Shenzhen CameraKing Technology Corporation Ltd.hereinafter referred to as “CMK”, to explore, listen, and playback a non – Polytechnic student, from economic management profession, how to start from scratch, and hit a miracle of 400 million annual sales in the electronics manufacturing industry in Shenzhen in just a few years.


At 2 pm on June 19, the members from TEEC, Young TEEC, and students on behalf of Shenzhen graduate school of Tsinghua University, came from all directions in PRD, they   took the arranged bus, started from the Shenzhen Seaview Hotel to the headquarters of CMK, which located in Baotunyunhe Industrial Zone, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, for a visit to study.


Huang He, one member of TEEC, also the founder and General Manager of CMK, introduced the company's development. CMK, as a professional provider on image solution, with relying on the accumulated experience, industrial size, precision, design debugging and manufacturing accumulation of mobile phone camera module, integrated scheme and algorithm resources, made in-depth development, upgraded the soft power and enterprise synthetic strengths, expanded and extended, continued to develop in the differentiation and industry customization on image needs, as time passes, it has accumulated a lot of user base and got good word of mouth in this industry.